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What Does 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance Look Like in Mexico?

An Unmistakable Feeling of Loss In Mexico City but a Beautiful Feeling of Pride I remember standing in the Aztec ruins of Templo Mayor. We could see the Metropolitan Cathedral in the distance, through the haze of the city’s heavy pollution. It looked ghostly. The Spanish destroyed the Aztec city Tenochtitlán, replacing it with the […]

Female Solo Travel: An 1889 Race Around The World

When two 19th-century women set out to circle the globe at the same time, in different directions, the public was fascinated! A worldwide race between female adventurers, out to beat Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg’s 80-day fictional trip, and competing to beat each other!

Tikal: The Ancient Maya City

The ancient Maya city of Tikal survived for 1,500 years and had a population of 90,000. It suddenly disappeared with no sign of enemy attack!

The Impressionists Come Alive In A Tour Of France

The first impressionist exhibition didn’t get any likes from the critics. They thought the paintings looked unfinished and lacked serious themes. But a little like scrolling through Instagram, Impressionist paintings are enjoyable and easy to appreciate. Take some extra time and you marvel at how they created such amazing scenes with such simple strokes. Van […]

Photoville: Photojournalism On Social Issues That Need Our Attention

What first impresses you about Photoville, an outdoor photojournalistic exhibitition, are the 55 shipping containers stacked onto two floors, filling up Brooklyn Bridge Park. They’ll hand you a map when you walk onto the grounds so you can find exactly what you want. It feels like a small town with pedestrian streets between the containers. […]

Best Tours in Guadalajara: The Tequila Trail

From a walk through the blue agave fields all the way through the factory, you learn about the entire process of making tequila, and then quickly forget it all as the tastings begin! 😆😜

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