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Stepping Into Edward Hopper’s Lonely World

Edward Hopper’s paintings are full of lonely scenes, even when there are people together, Your imagination always fills in the story. We discovered that he painted his. trademark theme, no matter what he was looking at. Our adventure immersed us into the real-life world of Edward Hopper!

Female Solo Travel: An 1889 Race Around The World

When two 19th-century women set out to circle the globe at the same time, in different directions, the public was fascinated! A worldwide race between female adventurers, out to beat Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg’s 80-day fictional trip, and competing to beat each other!

Stories Make Places Come Alive: Trolley Tracks

We got in a taxi at Calle Florida, a very touristy part of Buenos Aires, and we asked to go to San Telmo, another touristy area. Luis, our driver, started giving us a little tour and some history on the way. Some cab drivers really want tourists to enjoy their time here, and so many […]


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