Take Much Better Travel Photos With Your Smart Phone

Sharing travel photos is a lot of fun, especially when they come out so well, like everyone else’s photos! We love seeing people’s beautiful Instagram posts, their amazing angles, moods and edits. We wanted our photos to be better.

It’s scary how much there is to learn! Our advice is to learn everything slowly, and one step at a time. Here are the apps and the add-on lenses that will transform your cell phone snaps!

Special Lenses For Your Cell Phone

There are several brands of add-on lenses for phones. YouTuber Marques Brownlee reviewed the Moment Lenses for Smart Phones and convinced us to give the Moment wide angle lens a try.

Our First Field Test

The 18mm lens definitely makes a huge difference. In our opinion, it’s worth the money. You have to buy a phone case, a requirement that allows the lens to fit perfectly over your phone’s camera.(Moment Lenses are only available for a select number of Smart Phones: iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, and One Plus.

The border shows the extra field of view using the Moment 18mm wide angle lens. Our photos are more popular because we have different fields of view in the photos.

Important! Learn How and When To Use Your Wide Angle Lens

The next step is to learn how to use it. We found this wonderful guide that helped us a lot: https://www.digitalphotomentor.com/5-mistakes-beginners-make-using-a-wide-angle-lens-and-how-to-avoid-them/

We went to take this photo above at 5:30 pm but there were too many tourists. We went back again after 7 pm. Always be patient.

We have the telephoto, the macro and the fisheye lenses, but we mostly use the wide angle. We’re still practicing with the macro lens.

Moment’s Camera App with DSLR Settings

Once we became comfortable with the wide angle lens, we moved on to the Moment camera app, which gives you DSLR camera settings, allowing you to adjust things like shutter speed and ISO. Here is Moment’s YouTube tutorial for the app:

Warning: she speaks very fast!

Photo Editing

All of these great photos go through at least some editing. We use three apps: Snapseed (free); Photofox (subscription, $35.99/year), and Retouch ($1.99) to remove unwanted parts in a photo. Photofox is our favorite, maybe because we spent so many hours watching YouTube videos on how to use it.

If Photofox is too expensive, you can use Enlight. The difference is that, with Photofox, you can go back and work on layers. With Enlight, once you tap the check mark, you’re done.

You can buy Moment Lens products here through our affiliate link.

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  1. Thanks, Eliza. We’ve been so happy with it that we’ll end up buying the Moment telephoto lens. Hopefully there’s a Black Friday special 👋😊

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