Best Tours in Guadalajara: The Tequila Trail

The tourism industry has become very creative in this explosion of tourism over the past ten years. It’s hard to believe that the tourism industry recently topped $2 trillion! Our Tequila Tour in Jalisco, Mexico, is part of that explosion of creativity!

Things started off bad. We were picked up at our hotel and taken to a central location where we had to wait 45 minutes for the rest of the tourists to arrive from their hotels. We were in bad moods and even thought of leaving. We hadn’t paid yet.

The minibus ride was long and bumpy and there was some rain, threatening to ruin the tour.

The Tequila Trail takes you to three distilleries

The guide and his father, the driver, kept us laughing the whole way. They pointed to the stadium of las chivas and we all became excited to see it. Las chivas are a regional Mexican soccer team.

As we were arriving in tequila country, we started to see a patch of blue sky and some rays of sun.

Into the caverns of the distillery
Tequila distillery Las Tres Mujeres

Our first stop was Las Tres Mujeres distillery where we walked the fields of blue agave and viewed the machinery in each stage of the process. Our group was one of many and the tour guide spoke in both English and Spanish.

We were given tastings of different types of tequila throughout the tour guide explained in detail the different types of tequila.

From a walk through the blue agave fields all the way through the factory, you learn about the entire process of making tequila, and then quickly forget it all as the tastings begin! 😆😜

This is how strong the tequila is 😬
This is how strong the tequila is 😬

Las Tres Mujeres distillery was very generous with the tastings, offering us cup after cup of any of the tequilas we wanted. Once we were led into the caverns, we drank more and more free tequila and then bought bottles of their tequila, their branded clothing and souvenirs without giving much thought to the price.


Then it was back on the bus. Our small group now loved each other.


The next distillery was Casa Noble, partly owned by the famous musician Carlos Santana. The tour was shorter and we ended up in the gift shop and tasting Casa Noble tequila much faster. The grounds of Casa Noble were littered with mangos. Perfect, because I needed something sweet.

We were traveling with my sister Roxana

I don’t remember how we got back to the minibus but I remember a short ride to lunch, a large, tasty and generous buffet with a stunning view of the countryside.

The drunken high was wearing off. We got back on the bus and headed for the town of Tequila, a beautiful town of small colorful buildings and elaborate murals. We were given two hours here to explore on our own. We visited the Jose Cuervo distillery and then walked around the town, talking to people in the town.


The tour costs $110 and includes a decent lunch and a final destination of the town of Tequila, where the time is yours to do what you like.

We had time to visit the Jose Cuervo hacienda and then explore the quaint town.

There are several tour operators offering similar tequila tours. Ours was this one:

👍 We are not drinkers, just on occasion, but we highly recommend this tour!

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