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When I left Venezuela a long time ago, it was a beautiful and friendly country and I was sure I would live there again, but so much has changed for the worse. My Place in the World is in the Venezuela I knew way back then…

Here I am with my husband in a little neighborhood called El Hatillo in Caracas. The door to this house was open so I went inside for the photo 😱😆

Author: Aixa

I was born and raised in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. I traveled extensively throughout Venezuela before ever thinking of leaving my country. Visit me on Instagram!

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    1. It’s so common in Latin America, along with the big windows and doorways. I love the style! Thank you, Terri.

  1. Me encanta la foto! Yo de verdad espero que Venezuela vuelva a ser la de antes, todas las personas que conocí que son Venezolanas, siempre han sido amables, y muy alegres.

    1. La mayoría de mi familia está allá todavía y es la situación muy difficil. Gracias, Angela, por tus lindos pensamientos. Gracias, Angela.

  2. I love it that you snuck in! Hahaha Is it typical for people to leave their doors open? On a more serious note, it must be very difficult to feel like your beloved home is somewhere you never want to return. I’m glad you’re able to visit though.

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