Historic Casa Santo Domingo Is The No. 1 Thing To Do In Antigua Guatemala

Casa Santo Domingo is a former monastery turned into a 5-star hotel. Founded in 1642, the monastery was partially destroyed by the Santa Marta earthquake in 1773.

This earthquake and its aftershocks had such a profound affect on this city that the government immediately made plans to move the capital from Antigua to Guatemala City.


In fact, Antigua’s original name was Guatemala City. They moved the name, too, to what is now the country’s capital. Antigua means ancient. The city of Antigua is the ancient Guatemala City!

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo is a great place to rest in peace 💀 😱

The hotel restored and continues to maintain these precious grounds. The hotel is expensive, with non-discounted prices beginning at $184. If you already have  accommodations, you can still visit the grounds and the many museums on the property.


Rated by travelers on TripAdvisor as the number one thing to do in Antigua, Guatemala, you will not be disappointed!


The hotel has a restaurant, of course, but don’t feel limited. There are plenty of choices all over Antigua.


There are six museums:

  1. Colonial museum
  2. Archeology museum
  3. Museum of pre-Columbian art and modern glass
  4. Contemporary art museum
  5. Handcrafts museum
  6. Pharmacy museum

You will definitely need a full day here. You’ll go back to your hotel exhausted but too excited to sleep.

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    1. It’s nice to run into someone else who has been there and loved it like we have. Next time we’ll try the restaurant. Thanks for the tip.

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