Photoville: Photojournalism On Social Issues That Need Our Attention

What first impresses you about Photoville, an outdoor photojournalistic exhibitition, are the 55 shipping containers stacked onto two floors, filling up Brooklyn Bridge Park.

They’ll hand you a map when you walk onto the grounds so you can find exactly what you want. It feels like a small town with pedestrian streets between the containers.

So what exactly is there to see at Photoville

This creative venue houses photos of people’s struggles around the world. The photos are often very disturbing, showing the extreme poverty, life in war torn countries, refugee crises and the difficulties that immigrants face in the United States. There’s so much to see that you can’t figure out where to start.


How Much Does It Cost To See Photoville?

Photoville is free! Your map is just one page of the program. The rest of the program is filled with the complete listing of exhibits, workshops, panel discussions and walking tours scheduled day and night over the two weeks.

You won’t be able to see it all, especially not in a single day. There are too many exhibits, and also the ones you see are too draining emotionally. The event stays around for two weeks so you can come back another day.

Here were our two favorite Photoville Exhibitions:

The Bronx Documentary Center‘s Immigrant Stories, created by New York City high school students documenting the stories of their families in photos and captions.

We also enjoyed Carbon’s Casualties: How Climate Change is Updending Life Around the World.


Relax & Socialize

There’s a beer garden, too. When you show proof of age, they will put a wrist ban on you. This allows the vendors to sell you beer or wine. You can sit on the grass and enjoy your drink with one of the best views of New York City while you chat with your friends about the exhibition. If you wait around until the end of the day, you’ll be in the perfect spot for a beautiful sunset.

Clean bathrooms

If you’re at Brooklyn Bridge Park, you can tap here for walking directions to the bathrooms (make sure you tap the “walking directions” option on your map).

Bathrooms 1
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Bathrooms 2
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When Can I See Photoville?

Photoville is an annual event September. If the weather is nice, take the NYC Ferry to the Brooklyn Bridge stop. You can also reach Photoville by bus or subway or walk across the bridge.

Tap here for directions from wherever you are in NYC.
Make sure to tap “transit” for directions by bus or subway.

Apple Maps – or – Google Maps

Planning A Trip to NYC?

I know that many of you spend time planning your trips. If you’re planning to visit NYC in September, add Photoville to your agenda.

My goal at this website is to have an easy way to find seasonal events. Eventually, I’ll be adding a 6-day itinerary to choose from.

Other Things to Do at Brooklyn Bridge Park

If you’re planning to visit Brooklyn Bridge Park, which I recommend even without a visit to Photoville, here are some other things in the area that you are sure to enjoy:

  • A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge;
  • Lunch or dinner at Grimaldi’s or Julianna’s pizza (they are right next to each other): Apple Maps – or – Google Maps
  • Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for dessert: Apple Maps – or – Google Maps
  • Photo ops at City Hall (once you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to the Manhattan side): Apple Maps – or – Google Maps
  • Catch the NYC Ferry for beautiful views of the city and the bridges.

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