The Iconic New Yorker Hotel

The New Yorker Hotel is iconic, partly for its name, partly for its Art-Deco design, and mostly for its colorful history of famous athletes, performers and politicians who passed through since it opened on January 2, 1930.


The hotel dedicates a section of the lower level to this history. You’ll spend about half hour reading the framed newspaper clippings, browsing the plaques and looking at the entire corner dedicated to the genius inventor Nikola Tesla.

The music that plays in the background was recorded in the Hotel’s Terrace Room, which was originally broadcast by CBS radio, and during WWII, to overseas troops.

Why is Nikola Tesla honored at the New Yorker Hotel?

The Nikola Tesla corner

Tesla lived in the hotel for the final ten years of his life. One day he put the Do Not Disturb on the door. Two days later, the maid found him dead in his room.

Personal Connection (Kind of)

It turns out that my husband’s great aunt worked in the New Yorker Hotel as a cashier and even knew Nikola Tesla, although only on a business level.

Technology & The New Yorker Hotel


The hotel is famous for always having been on the cutting edge of technology.
– 1930: Every room had a radio;
– 1948: The hotel bragged that there were more TVs than in any other building in the world;


The New Yorker Hotel is located three long city blocks from the Empire State Building. At one time, you could walk to it through an underground tunnel.

Who exactly are these famous people who have passed through the New Yorker Hotel?

– Baseball players: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays;
– Boxer Mohammad Ali;
– Politicians: Robert Kennedy, FDR Jr.

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