The Gran Hotel

Gran Hotel, Mexico City

The beautiful Gran Hotel borders Mexico City’s Zócalo (main square). You notice how special his place as soon as you enter the hotel!

  • Built in 1899 in the Art Nouveau style architecture, you’ll notice the grand staircase and the eye-catching caged elevators. To give you a better idea, the famous iron metro entrances in Paris are examples of the Art Nouveau style.
  • The glass ceiling was designed by French artist Jacque Gruber.

Mexico (once called The New Spain) is full of beautiful architecture.

The Gran Hotel
The Gran Hotel was built in 1899 in the Art Nouveau style of architecture

We visited in July and the evenings were chilly. Dress warm.

The Gran Hotel’s Rooftop Restaurant

The Gran Hotel’s rooftop restaurant has a stunning aerial view of the Zocalo. The food is expensive, though, and you can find better places to eat nearby.

Rooftop dining at the Gran Hotel
The views are breathtaking from the Gran Hotel’s rooftop restaurant

The Zócalo can be noisy at times, since this town square is still very popular for concerts and protests, so ask for a room facing Avenida 16 de septiembre (named for Mexican Independence Day) and not facing the Zócalo. All of the streets around the Zócalo are named for the Mexican Revolution.


Of course, you’re in Mexico City and you’ll want to visit La Casa Azul, the museum (and former home) of Frida Kahlo, but what connection does the Gran Hotel have to this unique, ahead of her time, artist? None… except the movie Frida, starring Salma Hayek, has a scene where Frida is in a famous cabaret in Paris. The scene was filmed right here in the Gran Hotel! We watched the movie after we returned home and were excited to see our favorite hotel featured in the movie!

Scene from Frida
Scene from the movie Frida, filmed in the Gran Hotel

Is The Gran Hotel Expensive?

The Gran Hotel is not as expensive as you might think. The newer, more luxurious hotels are located by La Reforma, another great location. But being next to El Zócalo meant we could walk to the stunning theater Bellas Artes and many great restaurants frequented by many locals.

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