Sunday Stills: Summer, or Kissing Bats (Bad Idea)

On July 3rd, three adventurer Youtubers died in action. When 29 year old Megan Scraper slipped and fell into Shannon Falls in Canada, her two companions jumped in to try to rescue her.

Their group, High On Life, presented this emotional eulogy:

For me, the deaths were tragic but not sad. They lived the lives they wanted and the two companions didn’t hesitate to risk their lives for her. True adventurous spirits.

Sadder is a colleague who hates her job, dreams of moving from expensive NYC to a simpler life in a small town… but her unemployed husband (for three years) doesn’t want to. He wants to stay near his family.

So every day she goes to work, where the supervisors pressure her to do a better job, and she counts down the years she has left in the job (Eight!!!)

Jobs tie you down but maybe you love your job. Children tie you down but having them is a special part of life. There are always trade-offs. I’m not saying to live like these High On Lifers. I don’t live that way. Just make sure your trade-offs aren’t making you miserable.

I never heard of these Youtubers before the news story came out. Have you? Here’s a video where one from the group kisses a bat:

Summer theme connection

Summer is a time to get out and enjoy life. NYC is too cold for me so this will be my last year here. Until then, I’ll enjoy it while I can.

Every Sunday evening, Gantry Park has tango 💃

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I also enjoyed this street of restaurant tables:

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(I wrote this blog post entirely on my phone at the airport 😉👍)

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Summer, or Kissing Bats (Bad Idea)

  1. Thoughtful post for all of us, Aixa! What we do with our lives that result in happiness should be in our hands. Sorry to hear about the Youtubers, saw some of this on TV. Impressive you wrote all this on your phone (my thumbs are too big)!

    1. Thank you, Terri. I usually write my posts on my iPad, but the goal is to only have a phone so I have to push myself.

  2. Awesome job done in representing and interpreting the prompt so wonderfully Aixa! Lovely summer shots!❤
    I can never write a blog on my phone – Wow, you’ve done it so well!❤

    PS – Checking out you-tube and reading about them right now.

    1. Thank you, Richa! If I’m going to continue with the blog, I have to get used to doing it on my phone, since that’s all I’ll have soon.

    1. Haha That’s exactly how I imagine you, with a love-hate affair with your phone! You know, once we have children, we can’t go around risking our lives, but just don’t lead a miserable existence…

    1. Thank you, Graham! The summer is so much fun because there are so many special things to do. Winter in NYC is much too long.

  3. This was a very timely post for me to read, Aixa. Thank you. They died not far from where I live, but I did not know of them before the news came out. Kind of wish I had known them, though, they really knew how to live. So glad you took the time to write this on your phone!!😘

  4. This news hit me so hard when I heard. Wonderful post. Their life message is one I wholeheartedly embrace. Too many people live the way they think they are “supposed” to and you are right…that is sadder than dying living the life you create on your own terms. Well done, Aixa.

    1. Your story resonated with me from the day I discovered your blog! I know how much you believe in living your life without fear. Thank you, Julie!

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