The Mystery of the Missing Seagulls

One photo goal has been to get a sky full of seagulls, but you don’t see them over the water in NYC. I was inspired by my Insta-friends from Istanbul who always post exciting shots from the back of the ferries.

The Department of Environmental Conservation put nest boxes for peregrine falcons at the top all NY bridge towers because these falcons are an endangered species. Peregrine falcons prey on smaller birds, including seagulls, so you don’t see many around.

This bridge is very close to my home. Sometimes the falcons sit on top of the street lights in front of my window and all of the smaller birds hide.

The remains of smaller birds are collected from the nest boxes to determine if there’s environmental contamination in the food chain.

It’s interesting how much goes on all around us that we are not even aware of!

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  1. You’re right, there’s a lot we must miss. It’s great that they’ve taken steps to help the declining population of peregrine falcons, though I do feel bad for their prey… xx

    1. It sure would! My Insta-friend Karen said that in her part of Canada, there are a lot more peregrine falcons than ever!

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