The Elusive Case of the Loud Party Music

For a long time, people in parts of Queens were complaining about loud music lasting until 4 or 5 am! Nobody could find the house with the loud music.

It turned out the music was coming from a “booze cruise” after it docked in this marina, over 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) away when the wind was blowing just right! A “booze cruise” is an excursion with an open bar.

Police issued 58 criminal court summonses and arrested 3 people! On a local news website’s story about the incident, there was this comment (paraphrased):

This never happened when my father, Peter Kiefer, ran the snack bar at Pier 1. He told the cruise ships to cut the music at a certain time. My father would not be happy.

I was curious what I would find if I search “Peter Kiefer” “World’s Fair Marina”. Peter Kiefer was found dead by the captain of one of the “booze cruise” ships!

Blackout of 2003!

Peter Kiefer loved the World’s Fair Marina. Apart from running the Pier 1 snack bar, he had a boat docked there. During the summer, he slept on his boat.

In 2003, the entire northeast region of the United States suffered a blackout! Everyone immediately thought of terrorism. This was less than two years after 9/11.

We were in Venezuela, visiting family, when this happened, but back in Queens, NY, Peter Kiefer was prepared, having just had his boat’s gas generator repaired. He started it up and turned on the air conditioner. Peter invited a waitress from his snack bar to relax in the boat’s air conditioned cabin.

The following morning, a party boat captain noticed that the snack bar hadn’t opened yet. Vizzio went to pay Kiefer a visit on his boat to see if he was okay.

Peter Kiefer and his waitress were dead inside the boat’s cabin! Vizzio called the police.

Kiefer and his waitress died in conversation from carbon monoxide poisoning! The gas generator, just repaired, had a leak! Kiefer was 71 when he died. His waitress was 41. They did not have a romantic relationship.

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  1. Well, I didn’t expect that! And obviously neither did Peter Kiefer. At least he died on the boat he loved. Fascinating history to go with your stunning photo Aixa.

    1. So interesting to research and explore! Life is so full of strange mysteries and coincidences! Thank you for visiting, Miriam!

  2. That’s terrible Aixa. I was way off… I thought he would have been murdered by one of the captains 🤦‍♀️

    1. Yes, it started out so strange and then following the trail became so interesting! “Some twist” says it all!

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