A True Haunted House, According To New York State Law

Maybe you believe in haunted houses and may you don’t. Come with me to 1 Laveta Place in Nyack, NY. State lawmakers wrote a law about it, The Haunted House Law, and the New York State Supreme Court upheld it!

People live there… but not for long. They move in and out of this one, and in and out of its neighbor across the street. Exploring 2 Laveta Place (my Instagram post below), I felt a presence. My dog Coco was clearly uncomfortable, too.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all spirits are there to hurt you.

Those fallen roses in the photo were there when we arrived.

My Paranormal Experiences

Some of us have more of a capacity than others to sense spirits. Silvano, the owner of a house I rented in New York City, didn’t believe me, until I was able to describe what I saw in pretty good detail, an older man with a german shepherd. Then he sat down quietly and told me that was his father and the dog he loved.

Silvano’s father liked me because I took such good care of the house.

When I visited 2 Laveta Place, the house had a for rent sign in front, so I walked up and knocked on the door. No one answered so I peaked through the window. It was completely empty. I took my photo on the porch and left.

Paranormal Experiences On These Properties

I couldn’t enter the property of the legally-haunted 1 Laveta Place, since it is owned and occupied. The current owner bought it in 2015 from singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson.

Ingrid Michealson bought this house in 2012. You’ve heard her songs, even if you don’t recognize her name.

Ingrid sold her house just three years later. She said it didn’t make sense to keep it since she was never there. I don’t blame her, having been there personally.

Ingrid said her schedule was keeping her busy between Brooklyn and Nashville, but that this was her favorite house ever. Who am I to doubt her reasons?

Aixa in front of the Queen Ann Victorian-style with a paranormal presence
In front of 1 Laveta Place, Nyack, NY

Would You Buy A House With Paranormal Activity?

Ingrid was unable to sell the house at her price of $2.1 million because everyone knows the house is haunted. And anyway, she legally had to disclose the fact to the buyers before going into contract. It’s New York State law! She eventually sold the house for $1.7 million.

2 Laveta Place is much more beautiful! There are steps that lead to a deck by the river. The owners spent two years before selling it for $1.46 million. The new owners lived there just 11 months and then put up a for rent sign. That was August 2018, the same month I came. As a possible new tenant, the ghostly spirits let me know there was paranormal activity.

Three price decreases and 7 months later, the owner finally found someone. That was just a few months ago, as of this writing. I’ll keep my eye on the Zillow listing to see how long these tenants last.

Queen Ann Victorian Architecture Has A Ghostly Feeling

The two houses are in the Queen Ann Victorian style, the style used in scary movies. However, you can find spirits anywhere. Silvano’s house was modern. I entered Edward Hopper’s The House By The Railroad, which also looks like it has a ghostly presence, but it doesn’t. If you haven’t read that post, it’s one of our most popular. I highly recommend it, and not just because I wrote it. It’s the house in the Instagram post just above.

Story Of The Ghostbuster Law, Written For 1 Laveta Place

In 1991, the Stambovsky’s, a young couple, went into contract to buy 1 Laveta Place. They met their soon-to-be neighbors and learned the house had ghosts. They decided they wanted their deposit back!

Too late, claimed Mrs. Ackley the seller. The Stambovsky’s took the case to the New York Appellate Court. 

Mrs. Ackley had made no secret about the paranormal activity at her home. She contacted Reader’s Digest, as well as a local newspaper, to the story.

The lawsuit begins:

Plaintiff, to his horror, discovered that the house he had recently contracted to purchase was widely reputed to be  possessed by poltergeists, reportedly seen by defendant seller and members of her family on numerous occasions over the last nine years. 

The New York Appellate Court ruled in favor of they buyer. Because of the decision in Stambovsky v. Ackley, New York State laws now says that an owner has to disclose if a house is haunted.

Paranormal Activity At The Bottom Of Laveta Place

Maybe you don’t believe in any of this. It looks like the buyers didn’t, either, but they didn’t stay long. I was there a very short time and I felt a presence. For most people to believe, they need to live the experience.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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