Take Much Better Travel Photos With Your Smart Phone

They say that 10,000 hours of practice will make you good at anything you, but the right equipment, like Moments’ phone lenses, will boost you to an even higher level.

The variety of photos in our Instagram gallery has helped us grow our account and our engagement. The range in the photo below made this photo much more interesting.

Don’t Several Companies Sell These Lenses?

Several brands sell add-on lenses for phones. YouTuber Marques Brownlee reviewed the Moment Lenses for Smart Phones and convinced us to give the Moment wide angle lens a try.

Our First Field Test

With the 18mm wide angle lens, our creativity exploded. You have to buy Moment’s phone case, which allows you to screw the lens perfectly over your phone’s camera, not like those clumsy clip-on lenses.

With those clip-ons, you have to place the lens perfectly over the camera to avoid the vignetting that Marques Brownlee warns about in his video above.

Learn How and When To Use Your Wide Angle Lens

The next step is to learn how to use it. You’re not just getting a wider view angle. There’s an art to using a wide angle lens. Basically, you need something in the foreground to give the photo perspective, but if you want to dive in deeper, we found this guide that helped us a lot: https://www.digitalphotomentor.com/5-mistakes-beginners-make-using-a-wide-angle-lens-and-how-to-avoid-them/

When we posted the below photo to Instagram on our new @moodandmystery account, we only had about 300 followers.

We also have Moment’s telephoto, the macro and the fisheye lenses, as well as Moment’s Fanny Sling to help us carry everything around. We’re still practicing with the macro lens.

Moment’s Camera App with DSLR Settings

Once we became comfortable with the wide angle lens, we moved on to the Moment camera app, which gives you DSLR camera settings, allowing you to adjust things like shutter speed and ISO. Here is Moment’s YouTube tutorial for the app:

They’ve recently added slow shutter, which you can use for waterfalls, fountains and those long, red tail lights you see in professional photos. Slow shutter is basically just a setting, so it’s super easy to use. Take a look:

This is a lot to learn all at once, so maybe begin with Moment’s starter kit, which costs $139.97 and includes the wide angle, the case, and the rear lens cap.

You can buy Moment Lens products here through our affiliate link.

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  1. Thanks, Eliza. We’ve been so happy with it that we’ll end up buying the Moment telephoto lens. Hopefully there’s a Black Friday special 👋😊

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