OutsideOnline’s Podcast Episode Is A Terrifying Jungle Survival Story

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Adventures are fun and exciting until they turn dangerous. If you survive them, you have stories to tell for the rest of your life.

In 1970, Ed Welch and Bruce Frey hired a guide who, in ten days, taught them jungle survival. Then, they set out alone, by canoe, along the Amazon river.

Outside Magazine’s podcast episode, Treed By A Jaguar, gives you an exciting, firsthand account of this adventure. Ed and Bruce confronted Bolivian soldiers. They were spooked by unknown jungle noises.

They spent the night high up in a tree, hoping to escape the jaws of a jaguar below. Surviving the jungle, they tell the tale.

Both Ed and Bruce learned life lessons. Ed learned he could confront anything. Bruce became focused on what he wanted in life. But the friendship didńt survive.

Treed By A Jaguar is an exciting 34-minute podcast episode.

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