The NYPD’s First Female Detective

One day in 1912, criminals robbed a car that was transporting money for a bank. The crime was brutal and it took place in plain daylight. The crime stumped NYPD’s Deputy Police Commissioner George S. Doughterty. With few options, he called for Isabella Goodwin! The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin: How New York’s First Female Police DetectiveContinue reading “The NYPD’s First Female Detective”

The Elusive Case of the Loud Party Music

For a long time, people in parts of Queens were complaining about loud music lasting until 4 or 5 am! Nobody could find the house with the loud music. It turned out the music was coming from a “booze cruise” after it docked in this marina, over 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) away when the windContinue reading “The Elusive Case of the Loud Party Music”

The Mystery of the Missing Seagulls

One photo goal has been to get a sky full of seagulls, but you don’t see them over the water in NYC. I was inspired by my Insta-friends from Istanbul who always post exciting shots from the back of the ferries. The Department of Environmental Conservation put nest boxes for peregrine falcons at the topContinue reading “The Mystery of the Missing Seagulls”

19th Century Daredevils and The Brooklyn Bridge!

For many people, the price of fame has always been worth the risk! In 1885, just two years after the Brooklyn Bridge opened, spectators boarded a tugboat to witness Robert Emmet Odium jump off the Brooklyn Bridge in his quest for glory! He would be the first to ever attempted such a stunt! Odium hadContinue reading “19th Century Daredevils and The Brooklyn Bridge!”

Aromatic Lavender Fields, Tall Sunflowers & Lily Pads: The Impressionists Come Alive!

The first impressionist exhibition didn’t get any likes from the critics. They thought the paintings looked unfinished and lacked serious themes. But a little like scrolling through Instagram, Impressionist paintings are enjoyable and easy to appreciate. Take some extra time and you marvel at how they created such amazing scenes with such simple strokes. VanContinue reading “Aromatic Lavender Fields, Tall Sunflowers & Lily Pads: The Impressionists Come Alive!”

Aixa-en-Provence: Instagram Myth Breakers In The Lavender Fields! Goodbye FOMO

Warning: this is an Instagram myth breaker post. If you love your feelings of FOMO, then do not read any further.
Two years ago driving to Nice in the south of France, I saw signs for Aix-en-Provence and thought, I have to visit this town

Crime & Spectacle in 19th-Century New York

19th century New York City was a very different place. Most murders went unsolved, the city smelled bad and people went to see unbelievable sideshows. I just read two books that paint an unrecognizable picture of the city’s beginnings. Two Book Reviews of 19th-Century New York Crime In 19th-Century New York The Last Pirate inContinue reading “Crime & Spectacle in 19th-Century New York”