Female Solo Travel: An 1889 Race Around The World

It’s difficult to imagine a 19th century woman traveling the world, alone. Even today, female solo travel remains a popular blog topic. So back in 1889, when two women with adventurous streaks set out at the same time, in different directions, to circle the globe, you can imagine the interest they generated in the public!Continue reading “Female Solo Travel: An 1889 Race Around The World”

Crime & Spectacle in 19th-Century New York

19th century New York City was a very different place. Most murders went unsolved, the city smelled bad and people went to see unbelievable sideshows. I just read two books that paint an unrecognizable picture of the city’s beginnings. Two Book Reviews of 19th-Century New York Crime In 19th-Century New York The Last Pirate inContinue reading “Crime & Spectacle in 19th-Century New York”