Stories Make Places Come Alive: Trolley Tracks

We got in a taxi at Calle Florida, a very touristy part of Buenos Aires, and we asked to go to San Telmo, another touristy area. Luis, our driver, started giving us a little tour and some history on the way. Some cab drivers really want tourists to enjoy their time here, and so manyContinue reading “Stories Make Places Come Alive: Trolley Tracks”

Was Evita As Great/Terrible As Everyone Says?

I’m here in Buenos Aires, trying to understand if Evita was good or bad, if Evita’s achievements deserve praise or not. The only thing people agree about is that Evita changed Argentina forever. Evita’s Achievements! Her Side Of The Story Did Evita’s Past Motivate Her? The Real Evita: Hear, See, Experience That Balcony Speech! Evita’sContinue reading “Was Evita As Great/Terrible As Everyone Says?”

Edward Hopper: Loneliness & Isolation; We Stepped Into His World

Edward Hopper’s paintings are full of lonely scenes, even when there are people together, and somehow your imagination always fills in the story. He didn’t paint what he saw, though; we discovered that he painted his trademark theme, Edward Hopper: loneliness and isolation, no matter what he was looking at. Our lust for adventure thisContinue reading “Edward Hopper: Loneliness & Isolation; We Stepped Into His World”

Female Solo Travel: An 1889 Race Around The World

It’s difficult to imagine a 19th century woman traveling the world, alone. Even today, female solo travel remains a popular blog topic. So back in 1889, when two women with adventurous streaks set out at the same time, in different directions, to circle the globe, you can imagine the interest they generated in the public!Continue reading “Female Solo Travel: An 1889 Race Around The World”

Aixa-en-Provence: Instagram Myth Breakers In The Lavender Fields! Goodbye FOMO

Warning: this is an Instagram myth breaker post. If you love your feelings of FOMO, then do not read any further.
Two years ago driving to Nice in the south of France, I saw signs for Aix-en-Provence and thought, I have to visit this town

A Romantic Getaway With A Warning Label

Saugerties Lighthouse-turned-hotel is a romantic getaway, depending on your notion of romance. Once the tide rises, there’s no turning back. The tide washes out the path to the hotel. You are there for the night. You’ll be lucky to have a bar or two of cell signal. What could be more romantic?! There are twoContinue reading “A Romantic Getaway With A Warning Label”

Road Trip/Lit Tour combo: Pablo Neruda’s 3 Homes

Chilean Nobel poet Pablo Neruda was a celebrity in his time, known for his poetry, his time as a Chilean diplomat, his communist beliefs and his lavish eccentricities. Neruda had three beautiful homes in Chile and each one gives you a little more insight into the poet.