Red Hook, Brooklyn

Must-visit Scale: 🌟🌟🌟

Red Hook is a hip community on a peninsula of Brooklyn. It was once a working-class neighborhood with docks and warehouses along the waterfront.

The area has a charming industrial theme. I’ve never been inside the bar pictured just above, but it’s very popular. There’s live music. I’m listening to an audiobook about this Sunny’s Bar. It’s been here since 1890, run by different family members over the years, and under different names.

This neighborhood was working-class. The waterfront was busy with ships unloading their cargo into the warehouses. Those warehouses have been converted into expensive condominiums.

The area was also crime-ridden. Al Capone lived here.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy left Red Hook submerged in water. A lot of the businesses closed, some forever and others for several months as they rebuilt.

The picture above is behind Fairway Market, an upscale supermarket. They often have free tastings. It’s fun to look around. (See the last map below.)

The tram never came here. The tracks were for cargo trains.

Restaurant Recommendation

Lunch at The Good Fork

We ate at The Good Fork and really enjoyed the food, the service and the atmosphere.

Dessert at Steve’s Authentic Keylime Pie

We walked a few blocks to Steve’s Keylime Pie for dessert! This is the only item they sell but we like it so much, we go every time we’re in Brooklyn.

Clean Bathrooms

There are clean public bathrooms at Fairway Market. See the map below:

Getting here

The best way to get here is by ferry. Use the map below:

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