A True Haunted House, According To New York State Law

Google real haunted house and you’ll find a lot of spooky, abandoned houses, but spirits live in occupied homes, too. The haunted house I’m talking about, at 1 Laveta Place in Nyack, NY, forced lawmakers to write a new law, and the New York State Supreme Court upheld it! People live there… but not forContinue reading “A True Haunted House, According To New York State Law”

Crime & Spectacle in 19th-Century New York

19th century New York City was a very different place. Most murders went unsolved, the city smelled bad and people went to see unbelievable sideshows. I just read two books that paint an unrecognizable picture of the city’s beginnings. Two Book Reviews of 19th-Century New York Crime In 19th-Century New York The Last Pirate inContinue reading “Crime & Spectacle in 19th-Century New York”