Edward Hopper: Loneliness & Isolation; We Stepped Into His World

Edward Hopper’s paintings are full of lonely scenes, even when there are people together, and somehow your imagination always fills in the story. He didn’t paint what he saw, though; we discovered that he painted his trademark theme, Edward Hopper: loneliness and isolation, no matter what he was looking at. Our lust for adventure thisContinue reading “Edward Hopper: Loneliness & Isolation; We Stepped Into His World”

Aixa-en-Provence: Instagram Myth Breakers In The Lavender Fields! Goodbye FOMO

Warning: this is an Instagram myth breaker post. If you love your feelings of FOMO, then do not read any further.
Two years ago driving to Nice in the south of France, I saw signs for Aix-en-Provence and thought, I have to visit this town