Was Evita As Great/Terrible As Everyone Says?

I’m here in Buenos Aires, trying to understand if Evita was good or bad, if Evita’s achievements deserve praise or not. The only thing people agree about is that Evita changed Argentina forever. Evita’s Achievements! Her Side Of The Story Did Evita’s Past Motivate Her? The Real Evita: Hear, See, Experience That Balcony Speech! Evita’sContinue reading “Was Evita As Great/Terrible As Everyone Says?”

The Origins Of Tango: Photo Essay

Argentinians and Uruguayans are always arguing over the origin of tango. Paula (@museodeltango) gave us a private tour of Montevideo’s tango museum to clear up this 100-year-old feud. Where Was Tango Created? In 2009, UNESCO cited the origin of tango as the Plata River Basin, the area between Montevideo and Buenos Aires. Tango Goes ToContinue reading “The Origins Of Tango: Photo Essay”

San Telmo Conventillo Photo Essay Tour

The conventillos of Buenos Aires are community living spaces. They were originally occupied by waves of immigrants. In this conventillo photo essay, you’ll enter this closed-off community and learn some of its secrets, meet some of its residents and discover its charm in San Telmo, the heart of Buenos Aires’ historic center. Argentina’s Immigration WaveContinue reading “San Telmo Conventillo Photo Essay Tour”

A Romantic Getaway With A Warning Label

Saugerties Lighthouse-turned-hotel is a romantic getaway, depending on your notion of romance. Once the tide rises, there’s no turning back. The tide washes out the path to the hotel. You are there for the night. You’ll be lucky to have a bar or two of cell signal. What could be more romantic?! There are twoContinue reading “A Romantic Getaway With A Warning Label”

Drunk With… The Emotion Of The Moment! France Wins The World Cup 2018!

Our sunset cruise on the River Seine in Paris was at the same time as the World Cup semi-final between Belgium and France. A Paris sunset river cruise with this silhouette of Notre Dame could have been the highlight of my evening, but we heard the cheer of France’s goal from the restaurants along theContinue reading “Drunk With… The Emotion Of The Moment! France Wins The World Cup 2018!”

Costa Rica With Caravan Tours, part 2

Rio Frío Cruise to Nicaragua, War and… Relaxation It was early in the morning and we were headed to Los Chiles, a border town close to Nicaragua where we boarded a river boat on the Rio Frío (the Cold River). Rolando pointed out howler monkeys and spider monkeys in the trees, caiman in the river,Continue reading “Costa Rica With Caravan Tours, part 2”

Costa Rica With Caravan Tours

When I showed Dan the small Caravan Tours ad in Real Simple magazine, he immediately began reading dozens of glowing Trip Advisor reviews and, within the hour, we began our way through the booking process for our Costa Rica tour vacation. This would be our first group tour since we like to explore on ourContinue reading “Costa Rica With Caravan Tours”

Gran Hotel, Mexico City

The beautiful Gran Hotel borders Mexico City’s Zócalo (main square). You notice how special his place as soon as you enter the hotel! Built in 1899 in the Art Nouveau style architecture, you’ll notice the grand staircase and the eye-catching caged elevators. To give you a better idea, the famous iron metro entrances in ParisContinue reading “Gran Hotel, Mexico City”