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INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS CAN BE LONG, but they still have to get to the point fast and include the most necessary information to keep the visitor reading to the end.

The kitchen of the former Eva Peron Foundation
In the kitchen of the Eva Peron Foundation
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I’m here in the kitchen of the former Eva Peron Foundation, trying to understand if Evita was good or bad, if Evita’s achievements deserve praise or not.

The only thing people agree about is that Evita changed Argentina forever.

Want to know what I’ve discovered? My blog is link in my profile ☝️😊

This Victorian home on the bank of the Hudson River is legally haunted
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A house doesn’t have to look spooky to be haunted, but this one does!

At the end of Laveta Place in Nyack, 30 minutes from NYC, are two old mansions. Everyone around here knows the other one, to my left, is haunted. A law was written just for it, so buyers have fair warning.

This is not a tourist attraction! People live here… but not for long.

A famous singer-songwriter bought the house to my left… and then put it back up for sale 2 years later.

Btw, I did not stage this photo. The fallen, dead roses were there when we arrived.

Find out who the singer was and read about my experiences (☝️Blog link in profile)

The most narrow house in Buenos Aires
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Hi, I’ve been expecting you! This is the Casa Mínima, the most narrow house in Buenos Aires. Swipe to see how narrow it is.⁣

Mariana, our guide, exposed the myth that a family of freed slaves was given this house. Mariana works for Jorge’s museum, El Zanjón, just steps from here (last 3 posts). Jorge continued buying and restoring historic nearby properties.⁣

He and his staff have done such extensive research that National Geographic brings groups every week.⁣

As you can see from the second photo, the house is very narrow… but looks can be deceiving. Tomorrow I’ll take you inside.

In an underground tunnel at the original site of Buenos Aires
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Historians say that I am standing on the original site of Buenos Aires, founded in 1536. I’m in a house known today as El Zanjón.⁣

The residents in this house (built in 1830) used well water until it became contaminated by two streams, so they began collecting rain water in cisterns like this one.⁣

But we live in communities and our neighbors problems eventually affect us. In 1871, the yellow fever plagued this area and wealthy families abandoned their homes.⁣

In 1985, Jorge Eckstein bought this house, planning to turn it into a restaurant. A startling discovery and a new friend changed his plans (tomorrow’s post).

In lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemia
This caption was about the pandemia and social distancing, a touchy subject where I’m in the middle. I was able to gauge the mood of my audience

The back cover of the National Geographic in my hands says: Choose to connect or disconnect. It’s an airline ad but it’s my question of the day… Here we are, social distancing with our friends Alan & Sam in the distance.⁣

We socialize a little. I prepared a pitcher of tropical margaritas to share with them: coconut water, squeezed lime juice, a tiny bit of agave syrup, a shot of tequila and lots of ice.⁣

Socializing is essential. It helped us find an apartment at this same condo complex for half what we were paying.⁣

Some people think we’ve been too adventurous but a friend in NYC asked if we’re staying in Playa del Carmen because we’re frightened. [ If you don’t know our story, look at these two posts: #moodandmystery_pandemicNYC ]⁣

How adventurous are you feeling right now? Connect or disconnect? Or somewhere in the middle, like us?

This Victorian home was the subject of Edward Hopper’s famous work, The House By The Train
This post was also meant to drive visitors to my website, but I only had 100 Followers at the time

In 1925, artist Edward Hopper painted the “house by the railroad,” about the isolation of modern life. The house is real, and it’s near NYC!

It’s not open to the public, but we still had to visit. A renter caught us on the property, taking our photos!

He invited us in to see the house, and then introduced us to the owners, who invited us into their apartment and told us stories about it!

The house that symbolized isolating modern life was full of friendly, welcoming people. Life has always been all about how we interpret it.

The whole story is too long to post here, but you can read it on my blog. I think you’ll enjoy this one!